ASMR Teen “Life With MaK” Quits YouTube After Videos Removed | The Cruzy

The 13-year-old is quitting YouTube after it removed several of her videos in an effort to combat its growing pedophilia problem. "We’ve been working with experts to update our enforcement guidelines for reviewers to remove ASMR videos featuring minors engaged in more intimate or inappropriate acts.

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This is the first post, all other duplicates will be removed.. The same can be said about maaany channels on Youtube, and the.. Life with mak or whatever her channel is called is basically making. edit: some videos are comissioned by asmr nobodies in an attempt to get some publicity, but they are rare.

Life with MaK Mom explains why she quit ASMR. Subscribe – Recently the ASMR Makenna Kelly, the popular asmr teen is vowing to quit the platform in protest against what she and this isn’t the typical video that i make, but i wanted to bring awareness to this situation. .

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Other videos removed from Kelly’s ASMR channel include sequences in which she eats Rice Krispies or explains how she spends her money. Kelly said she recently stopped eating certain foods and wearing certain clothes in her videos because she feared that they would be removed by YouTube.

Life with MaK has been at the top of the ASMR game ever since she joined the platform back in 2017. Now that she has over 1.5 million followers, she is On Twitter, she opened up about one of the now deleted videos, which was a clothing haul. Other videos that have been removed include "What I.

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The ASMR-tists believed the gesture was rooted in the assumption that their transactions were sex-related. To concede the similarity seems louche, but the areas of overlap are not exactly subtle. For one, there are actually erotic ASMR videos-a whole strain of porn is dedicated to so-called "eraudica."

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Popular ASMR YouTuber Makenna Kelly – aka Life With MaK – says she is quitting YouTube after the "unfair" removal of several of her videos from the platform. Known for posting clips of herself eating, tapping, or whispering into a mic, the 13-year-old has amassed over 1.5 million subscribers.

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