Colorado Wants Local Adoption of IECC and New Regs on Products


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    The Process for Adopting an Energy Efficiency Code in Existing Homes: A Case Study of Boulder, Colorado’s SmartRegs Program code: 2015 international energy Conservation Code The simplified table of building envelope requirements (on the previous page) applies to new residential buildings, as defined in

    of the IECC and other applicable code requirements. The 2012 International Energy Conservation Code The 2012 IECC was developed by the international code council (icc) and is currently available to states for adoption. The IECC is the national model standard for energy-efficient residential construction recognized by federal law.

    Part 4 of our series on the IECC, addresses the fact that Americans want homes with permanent efficiency improvement. so why do builder associations. Around the Nation April 19, 2019 Colorado Wants Local Adoption of IECC and New Regs on Products

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