Is sea rise wrecking coastal home values? The answer: Maybe – Sentinel Colorado

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Academic researchers say concerns over rising sea levels and increased flooding are having subtle but significant impacts on coastal property values, finding that climate change concerns have sapped more than $15 billion in appreciation from homes along the Eastern Seaboard and Gulf Coast.

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Saltwater damage to lawn.Asking price: anyone’s guess.Some research suggests rising sea levels and flooding brought by global warming are harming coastal property values.

Researchers at the University of Colorado Boulder’s School of Business found that coastal properties most exposed to sea level rise sold, on average, for 7% less than equivalent properties the.

Is sea rise wrecking coastal home values? The answer: Maybe. How much homeowners and communities should worry – and how much they should invest in remedies – remains an open question

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Is sea rise wrecking coastal home values? The answer: Maybe. of digitally-driven advocates for sea level rise solutions" on its Facebook page.. of Colorado Boulder’s School of Business.